En Creole

The Louisiana Creole language is an oral tradition and best learned from native speakers.  Below we have shared some words with Creole translations phonetically.


Creole Words (Paról Créole) 


Bread  (depan)

Cabbage  (dechou)

Cake  (gató)

Cheese  (fromaj)

Chicken  (poul)

Cook (kwi)

Corn  (mayi)

Cotton  (kotón)

Cow  (lavach)

Egg  (dezoef)

Eggplant  (brenm)

Fish  (pwason)

Garden  (jarden)

Gumbo  (gómbo)

Hog  (kochón)

Milk  (delait)

Mustard Greens  

   (le moutard ver)

Okra  (fevi)

Pecan  (pakónn)

Praline  (plahrén)

Rice  (deri)

Sugar  (désik)

Sugarcane  (dekón)

Sweet Potato  (patat dous)

Let the good times roll!

Laissez les bon temps rouler!